• Breaking News राजपा लड़ेगी आगामी विधानसभा चुनाव अधिक से अधिक सीटों पर खड़े होंगे उम्मीदवार । बेरोजगार युवाओं को रोजगार व एक समान शिक्षा का अधिकार, किसान समृद्धि योजना एवं महिला सुरक्षा जैसे मुद्दों को लेकर लड़ा जाएगा चुनाव ।

Rashtriya Jankranti Party Manifesto

  1. First of all, our party will bring the right to equal education, under which only one course will apply in India, due to which a working class - industrialist, low class employee - Prime Minister, children of rich and poor will be able to read a similar book.

  2. (a) Unemployment Elimination Plan

    Unemployment is a big problem in India, for its solution, vacancies of all government jobs will be immediately employed and encouraging Indian companies and promoting new jobs and setting up of more and more non-governmental small enterprises, special training and cheaper Trade loans will be arranged.

  3. (b)Under the Special Labor Act, all factories, shops

    And the workers of private companies will be paid minimum wage @ Rs.12000 / - month and for higher labor Rs.15000 per month, in which there will be an 8 hour deadline and a 30 minute meal will be given and given more time, under limited company law Doubled wages will be given ie double wages will be given for 12 hours wages, and the workers will be given more time (OT) every day if required. E All types of salaries will be paid in the account of the laborer from the account of the company or owner.

  4. Country and black money from foreign law to bring back and Will be 2 months under his Set deadlines Black Money order to deposit in banks Continued funding will bring back members No lawsuit against Run will be funding the country hidden in the country as well as foreign banks thus The deposit will be as full of country As will contribute to growth.

  5. For Menhgai elimination

    All it takes within the country An income tax to eliminate taxes Create a plan that taxpayer The account will automatically cancel. this Overload public type taxes Free will and about doing so 40 percent Menhgai will be reduced. Tax cancel account.Country will escape the losses.

  6. New election system

    All voters have a mobile phone is free from the government Will go for personal use Can be used for voting Call with voter base code and voted by the message Will give voter identity card linking to Aadhar card only Voting will be done. This election At a very low cost from the process Voting unnecessary expenses this system will be avoided Whatever the money will be left to the public Will be employed for employment.

  7. (a) Right with Recall Rule will be enforced ie Work of any public representative If you do not feel good then one To remove it under the year Rights to the public With all leaders and ministers sincerely Will be able to serve the country.

  8. Aging Protection Plan Direct Benefit Of This Scheme If I have a parent's income If there is no source then parents To their children by their 30 percent of the total income This money gains will automatically be theirs Will be received in the account. If this Can not Get The Money Profit He has been in the court Will be able to claim for this benefit For this, Not court and attorney's fees Will be given and only on the 1st date The matter will be settled.

  9. Advocate pay scheme The judge and his Employees then government salaries Lawyers get legal To collect fees from the public It has to be bound to our Qualified as party's power By registering lawyers Government pay will be given. This brings justice to the poor people Meeting will be even easier.

  10. Poor girl's fund scheme Under the girl's father now Money for girls' marriage and education Will not worry, girl's Registering birth time Inform the concerned department Government will have time to come Free education and school by Apparel Texting & Wedding The money will be received for the purpose. this Plan to prevent female feticide Will be very effective for you.

  11. The working time of all the state employees will be determined by 8 hours, additional work as per the additional time, additional salary Will be given.

  12. Revised justice system The up good justice system under To be made Bill It To determine the cases in question Set a time of year Will any criminal Near courts in cases 9 Months have time and civil For 12 months for cases Will Time | High and Supreme Court up to the judgment 6 months will determine the time In addition, certain rules and Modify Dharao new The law will be made and 1 Special. The agency will be set up that Will work under the court and The related criminal prosecutions Evidence presented in scintillating Court Will.

  13. For the mission of Narcotics:

    Ltd. 40% (percent) reservation will be given to women and women in all government sectors.

  14. Farmer's Debt Relief Plan

    Under this scheme, all farmers will be given 1.5 (one and a half times) the cost of crop first. Electricity and water to economically poor farmers will be given for free.